What is this anyhow?

The goal of the Passzív3D.hu website is to introduce what is currently considered by us to be the best technology for watching 3D movies at home. We also provide a list of distributors in Hungary – along with their accessibilities -, and on our forum we provide an opportunity for an exchange of experiences by users, solutions to problems, clarification of questions.

Our well-assembled and calibrated home system may display higher and most importantly more watchable quality than 3D movie theatres, and you don’t need to – even though according to your desire you may – spend millions on it. Therefore, our goal is to offer a home 3D projection system that can be watched by as many people as possible, without headaches and exhaustion, which wasn’t available in the past and may also be applied in a school environment.

If you have had unpleasant experiences related to 3D movies in theaters, and 3D TV didn’t fulfil the expectation you had, doesn’t provide a long term, watchable extra experience for watching movies, you should give yourself another chance! The method offered by us is different in several aspects from the one used in most movie theatres, and it’s particularly divergent from the methods of active or passive TVs requiring glasses. Don’t give up on spatial movie watching, because on a well-functioning system and a large surface it’s capable of offering a completely new experience, on top of this, most viewers don’t get tired at all from watching movies shown in this manner, not even after a period of several hours! Observe all this at our exhibition hall or at our distributors!

If we already have a projector home movie system, we only need to expand our current equipment base with a few components. We will need another projector, preferably identical with the existing one, a video processor, filters (instead of polarized filters we recommend spectrum filters), passive glasses, and presumably also a dual projector stand as well. This is roughly how the system is compiled: